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Boundaries: the key to balance

That's the advice that Maarium, aka maarium.with.a.double.a, provided.

A teacher, wife, mother, and a recent Instagram blogger, Maarium definitely has some real insight into how she manages to do it all. And that is why I chose to feature her in my second "Inspiration Corner" article.

Maarium is adamant about setting boundaries early on.

"Boundaries! Set them and stick to them...with your job, your family and yourself. It is possible to love your family, yourself and your career."

Maarium believes that working mothers do receive support to enable them to balance their time with their kids and their careers, however, more can be achieved in this space.

"I think more support beyond the new born stage is really important. Over the years I've seen increasing support for moms in this part of the world, and I believe it will continue to grow."

"Not to scare anyone away, but [being a mother] is the hardest job I ever had. It's also the most rewarding job I ever had."

That is precisely why she launched a page documenting her journey on Instagram.

Tackling topics such as activities with her kids, mental health, and the challenges of motherhood in a genuine, raw fashion, she provides a refreshing insight into what modern-day motherhood is really like.

"Writing has always been a sort of therapy for me. I want to share my experiences and connect with others. Hopefully, in doing so, I can reach at least one person who might be struggling, and can make a difference in their lives."

The topic of mental health holds a special place in Maarium's heart, and she hasn't shied away from speaking about it on her platform.

"I believe that mental health is equally as important as physical health. There is no shame in therapy. Your children are worth it. You are worth it."

To Maarium, and all the other working moms out there, you are all a true inspiration to us, and this post is dedicated to you!



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