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"I read it somewhere"

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

The sentence we all use when we cite the internet as the world's source of truth.

From health tips, investment advice, medical diagnoses, and even our values and life philosophy- whenever we begin discussing those with our friends and family, and anyone shows curiosity regarding the source of the facts we are parading around- we revert to the famous line- "I read it somewhere".

Somehow, those four magical words seem to suffice, and we begin adopting those "facts" as truths.

I'd already addressed this topic before in my blog entry The Fake Experts, but this issue is still something I see on a daily basis and practice myself, and I felt it warranted another entry.

There is nothing wrong with looking up information, educating ourselves, and learning more about the topics we find interesting. In fact, between work, blogging and writing, I can safely say that I spend a good portion of my day googling information about various topics.

This only becomes a problem when we begin citing information that we come about on every site and on our social feeds as ultimate truths without verifying the sources we are obtaining these facts from. Just because you read it somewhere, doesn't mean it's true. Take the time to do your own research, and browse different reliable sources before making your mind on whether to believe something or not.

Even when you do read something on a credible website, page or account, bear in mind biases. Is this product review part of a sponsored agreement? Is this news source known to always be biased towards a certain angle? Don't take everything at face value, and make sure you have your critical hat on every time you research or read information online.

Next time your friends ask you why you took up meditation or why you are following a new health program, or whatever you may be talking about, tell them that you did your research, asked others, and made an informed decision.

Definitely sounds much better than "I read it somewhere!"



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