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Is it too late to start over?

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

I ask myself this question everyday! As the years go by, it becomes more and more pressing. Some of us decide to just leave it all behind and chase our dreams. Others are forced to because they have faced an unforeseen circumstance and had no other choice BUT to start over. However, the majority of us get stuck in our "comfort zone".

I have to admit that is exactly the point I am at in my life, having an early mid-life crisis and on the verge of throwing it all and starting over. Why, you ask? I cannot claim that I do not have a great life. Living in one of the most beautiful, secure and amazing cities in the world (Go Abu Dhabi!), surrounded by family and friends and enjoying a successful career- it seems so irresponsible to want to leave this all behind and "Start Over."

However, there comes a point in your life where you need to ask your self- is this enough? Is this the life I dreamed for myself? Am I on the path to realize my dreams? If your response to any of those questions is a "no", "I'm not sure", or even worse "I haven't thought about it", then maybe its time to have a real look at your life, and take matters into your own hands.

This is much easier said than one. Some of us simply don't have the luxury to travel half way across the globe to live as a digital nomad in a tropical paradise. But you don't have to. Following your dream does not mean leaving it all behind- it means realizing what your passion in life is and finding out how you can take realistic steps to get you there.

Do you like to write? Take a course and commit to writing a chapter a week. Are you passionate about music? Commit to one hour of practice a day. Do you want to make a real difference in the world? Check out volunteering opportunities in your city. A little bit of soul searching and commitment is all you need.

For others, this will mean developing a plan to relocate to another country, or work in a completely different industry. Can you take a course? Can you manage your savings until you need to leave? Can you apply for remote working opportunities that allow you the liberty of travelling the world?

Whatever it is that you choose to do, there is always a way. Choose one thing you are passionate about, do your research, ask others, and make it happen!



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