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Updated: Aug 27, 2022

That was the inspiration behind the creation of Kind Seminars, a recently launched platform by my dear friend Jumana Radi and her partner Mohammed Mamdouh, which aims to bring together storytellers, creators, and filmmakers to learn from one another, share common experiences and launch joint creative projects.

As I pen my first "Inspiration Corner" entry, I could not find a more suited or relatable initiative to inaugurate my series.

See my vision for those entries was to inspire the average, everyday person to pursue their passion and not settle for anything less in life. It is my sincere belief that we were placed on this earth with our own unique purpose and journey, to thrive and not just simply to exist.

Both Jumana and Mohammed have full-time jobs, but they were still passionate enough to launch this unique platform that would in turn spark creativity and purpose amongst the wider community, causing a ripple effect. And to me, that is truly inspiring.

"As a young filmmaker myself who had struggled to learn the nitty-gritty of the industry while maintaining a full-time job, I wanted to launch a platform that would offer solutions to budding filmmakers," Jumana commented when asked about why she launched Kind Seminars.

"We're not all in a position to drop everything and travel halfway across the globe and enroll into an expensive film school. We launched Kind Seminars with the aim of building a community that connects established filmmakers with aspiring ones, thereby enabling continuous collaboration and exchange of expertise," she noted.

Mohammed added: "Through the 15+ years that I've been a filmmaker living in the UAE, I've seen young people find a deep passion for storytelling and filmmaking, and then seen many of them park their dreams and go into career paths that may offer more stability and financial security. Our aim is to be a home where creative people can learn from experts, as well as from each other, and be nurtured and supported every step of the way."

Kind Seminars not only focuses on filmmakers but also offers storytelling and creative courses. As a PR professional and writer, I was definitely intrigued by the upcoming storytelling seminar, and have signed up for it!

Most importantly, it brings people with common interests together to support and encourage one another and pursue their dreams - to go beyond their responsibilities, jobs, and everyday lives.

To learn more about Kind Seminars, and to sign up for their events, you can check out their website. Hope to see you in their upcoming seminars.

Stay tuned for our next Inspiration Corner entry!



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