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The unattainable goal

No matter what cultural or educational background you're from, the majority of us have been subjected to a common cultural myth- the myth of perfection. Add to that the ridiculous standards that are being imposed on us by social media, and you have a true recipe for disaster.

Like everyone else, I have been exposed to the "perfection" delusion from childhood. As a woman, I needed to excel in my academics, my career and my social life. I needed to be well-spoken, charismatic, confident, successful, financially independent, and well read, all whilst ensuring that I was always presentable and took care of my health.

We all quickly come to realize, however, that perfection is an unattainable goal. Next thing you know, you've wasted years of your life, and in some cases, sacrificed money, relationships and your peace of mind, running towards something that you will never catch up to.

To be "perfect", you will most likely have to "fake it", present a false front to others, and place yourself under unnecessary pressure trying to juggle everything at once, and you still won't succeed in achieving a goal that will continue to evade you.

Be content. That is the lesson that I have to repeat to myself frequently. Embrace your life and live in the moment, and most importantly, love yourself and those around you for who they are. After all, life is too short to waste on an "image"!



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